Mornings With Dylan Ayer

  • Dylan talks with Don Barnes

    Can you imagine pouring your heart and soul into a solo album just to have it shelved for 30 years? Hey, things happen but..How does something like that happen? I got to interview Don Barnes co-founder of...Read More
  • Top 3 Father’s Day Songs Plus 1

    Why aren’t there more songs about dads?  I mean really, there’s not many.  As a group they get over looked.  Plenty of songs about moms, kids, even pets but dads….  They kind of get the shaft.  My...Read More
  • Boise’s Own ChildzPlay

    Do you remember ChildzPlay from the 80’s? Their back, well, they’ve been back. They reunited to play Treefort in March. After 30 years it’s all the original members, yes, the original players. See them Friday, June 9th...Read More
  • Ride? Don’t Miss the STAR Class

    So, up until last weekend I had never driven a motorcycle.  Been on the back of plenty but never actually driven one myself.  I was scared, it’s just my history.  I trust an experienced rider, so being...Read More
  • Top 5 Tesla Songs

    Tesla is coming to town.  Do you have your tickets yet?  They won’t disappoint, seen them probably 6 times and they are always great.  See them at the Revolution Concert House July 19th.  These are my top...Read More

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