Top 3 Father’s Day Songs Plus 1

Why aren’t there more songs about dads?  I mean really, there’s not many.  As a group they get over looked.  Plenty of songs about moms, kids, even pets but dads….  They kind of get the shaft.  My father is my biggest fan, that fool texts every morning and tells me to have a great show.  Can’t ask for more than that.

Here’s my top three dad songs, plus 1.  My dad’s favorite song.  Happy Father’s Day!  Oh, don’t get dad a tie, were too old for that.  My father would probably just use the damn thing as a fancy headband anyway…




Here’s the plus 1, my father’s favorite

That is my father pictured above, the picture was taken a few years back…Just a few.  Notice the Jack and Coke next to his gear.